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Stainless Steel Wire Cloth

Stainless steel wire cloth also named stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel woven wire mesh, woven stainless steel wire mesh, weaving wire mesh, dutch wire mesh, stainless steel hardware cloth, etc.

Material: SUS302 304 304L 316 304L 316L

Color: sliver

Type: weave wire mesh

Width of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh: 0.6m-8.0m

Stainless steel wire cloth wildly used in petroleum industry , mine industry,chemical fiber industry , electroplating industry, environment protection, , airspace industry, paper-making, metallurgy industry, food industry, pharmacy etc.

Specification of Stainless Steel Wire Cloth ( Wire Mesh), Dutch Weave
Mesh x Mesh Wire Dia.x Wire Dia. Material
24mesh x 110mesh 0.35mm wire dia.x 0.25mm wire dia. AISI 304/316
30mesh x 150mesh 0.23mm wire dia.x 0.18mm wire dia. AISI 304/316
50mesh x 600mesh 0.18mm wire dia.x 0.11mm wire dia. AISI 304/316
20mesh x 200mesh 0.75mm wire dia.x0.21mm wire dia. AISI 304/316
50mesh x 250mesh 0.14mm wire dia.x 0.11mm wire dia. AISI 304/316
20mesh x 250mesh 0.25mm wire dia.x 0.20mm wire dia. AISI 304/316
30mesh x 360mesh 0.23mm wire dia. x 0.15mm wire dia. AISI 304/316
12mesh x 120mesh 0.35mm wire dia. x 0.224mm wire dia. AISI 304/316
20mesh x 80mesh 0.45mm wire dia. x 0.35mm wire dia. AISI 304/316
80mesh x 700mesh 0.06mm wire dia. x 0.05mm wire dia. AISI 304/316
165mesh x 800mesh 0.071mm wire dia.x 0.045mm wire dia. AISI 304/316
165mesh x 1400mesh 0.071mm wire dia.x0.04mm wire dia. AISI 304/316
200mesh x 1800mesh 0.05mm wire dia.x0.032mm wire dia. AISI 304/316

If you want to have a inquiry:
Please notice what is the wire diameter, what the mesh size, and what the material, and what is the roll size!



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