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We can supply filter discs made of metal wire mesh in single layer or multi-layer. Also named filter screen or pack screen. Double layer or three layer. Outside shapes can be classified into round, square, kidney shape, oval and other special shapes according to the outside designs.

Filter Materials: Stainless steel wire mesh and wire cloth
Forms of Supply: Disc, belt, square, round, special shape.
Filter Disc Diameter: From 5mm to 600mm.

We are looking for some stainless steel mesh discs for use in automotive type fuel filters. We need to filter particles down to .0004”. We need the smallest wire gauge as possible to reduce flow restrictions and offer more openings for fuel to flow. Our outside diameter is 1.00” with a generous tolerance. Please let me know if something like this would be an off the shelf item or not and what they might cost. We would like to order no more than 100 of them at this time. Annual usage is estimated at 1000/yr.

Nor sure what grades of stainless are available but nearly anything in the 300 series would be fine and probably a few others will work as well. Corrosion is our only concern.

We are looking for 16mm x 40 mesh St/St disc filter, not rimmed. Please advise cost for 500 off and send 1 sample.
Stainless steel
3” diameter disc
2 to 3 mesh/inch, wire diameter .06 to .08, for an open % of at least 70%

Do you guys offer your wire mesh in disc form? I need like 50-100 circle 2" discs. Maybe in stainless steel or alluminum. Which ever is cheaper. Also small weave not sure on size. Possibly something like the picture. Its for some LED tail lights. Thanks for your time.

I’m looking for rather fine particle filters. My dream filter would have the following specifications:

- 1-ply (or perhaps 2-ply, but I’d like that filter to be made of two identical single layers bonded together)
- Disc diameter: 10 mm +/- 0.05 mm (0.394” +/- 0.002”)
- Micron rating: 10-25 µm
- Wire diameter: 20-30 µm
- Plain weave
- Stainless steel (preferably 316, but 304 is also ok)
Do you make cuts to specific sizes? My company needs a wire mesh disc to fit inside PCV fittings, about 4” diameter, for use as a bird screen, to provide with our venting kit. Stainless steel, mesh 2x2 or 3x3. Thank you



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