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China frp tank for storage water

FRP water tank is a new product used internationally . Assembled using FRP board possessing the advantages of non-pollution, light in weight, corrosion proofing, long service live and simple maintenance. High water quality is assured for the use of food grade resin.
characteristic of FRP water tank: is the water tank of new type adpted in the world presently,and is assembled by wholly good qualitied SMC plates. resin is adopted,so the quality of water is good and clean ,without pollution;high strength,light weight ,corrosion resistant ,nice oppearance, long service life ,easy to maintenance ect.
3.ti is widely used in mine industry ,enterprises &public insitutions,house,hotels,ect.and serves ad the water storage facility for drinking water,sewage water for treatment ,water for fire distinguish,and other water.
4.we can assemble watertank with volume from 0.125m3 to 1500m3.if the original water tank needs to be changed,housing is not needed to be modified ,so it possesses high suitablity .sealing belt is especially studied for fixed typed products,this kind of sealing belt is non-toxic ,water resistant,with high elastic propery ,and fastened .our water tank is with wholly high strengh ,without leakage &detormation ,and is easy to maintenance

FRP tank is assembled by moulding single board, sealing , metallic structure, and plumbing. We can supply any specification according to customer's requirment to meet different use.With 500T hydraulic press mould different unit plate:1000mm×1000mm;1000mm×500mm;500mm×500mm

2. Material

(a). inner shell –fiberglass reinforced plastic tank liner

(b). Outer shell – Continuous strands of fiber-glass with high strength epoxy resin

(c). Bottom base – FRP reinforced tripod base

(d). Opening – 2.5" precision injected model with threaded opening


(a). Anti-corrosion ,wide chemical resistance(chemical stability strong,)

(b). Excellent resistance to impact and aberasion

(c). Completely rust and corrosion free

(d).Light weight, easy for transportation and installation

(e).smooth and pretty twisting pattern

(f). durable and no leakage

(g). long lifetime

(h).customer can choose different color as required

(i).each frp tank must pass strict hydrostatic test before shipment.

4.Operation Requirement:

- Operation pressure ≤ 1.0Mpa

- Operation temperature ≤ 49°C

-volume≤ 127 mm Hg ( 5” Hg)

-Capacity: 0.2-100T/H

Warranty: three year

Application: All feed water and waste water treatment application, included multi-media filter and softener.

frp tank


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