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Compound Steel Bar Gratings

It is a product consisting of steel bar grating, which is capable of horizontal lengthening, and surface sealed figure plate.

The steel bar grating can be any specification and the thickness of the figure plate can be different. The common bar grating is Q323/40/100 and figure plate is 3mm thick or 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.

The way of fixing can be either welded or fixed with clamps. The way of welding can make the item fixed permanently and never get loose. It is done at every corner of the bar grating . Welded joint: length>=20m Height >=3mm

Compound Steel Bar Grating

Compound Steel Bar Grating Panels are composed with Two Parts: Steel Grating and Anti-slippery tread plates. The steel grid grating offers load bearing and spanning capability. The anti-slippery tread plates as surface are made of diamond pattern checkered plate offering excellent slipping resistance.

This kind of bar gratings may deform going through the hot dipped zinc coating process. So heavy type steel bar with big gauge is normally chosen in making composite steel grid gratings.

The checkered plates covering for Compound Gratings are normally supplied in the thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm or 6mm.
The Anti-Skid Checker plates can be made of Aluminum, Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel for options at various cost.
Checkered patterns include multi bars, diamond and crocodile mouth type.

stainless steel/ carbon steel etc.

Surface treatment :
Hot dip galvanized, cold galvanized, spray painting, rust-proof oil, not processing
Steel grating is generally made of carbon steel hot galvanizing, appearance can prevent oxidation.

Steel grating with ventilation, lighting, ventilation, non-slip, such as explosion-proof performance.


Steel plate is suitable for the alloy, building materials, power stations, boiler.
Shipbuilding.Petrochemical steel grid board, chemical industry and general industrial building, municipal construction and other industries,
with ventilation pervious to light, prevent slippery, bearing capacity is strong, beautiful and durable, easy to clean, easy installation, etc.
Steel plate has been widely used in all walks of life both at home and abroad, mainly used for industrial platform, staircase pedal,
banister, channel floor, railway bridge service, high tower platform, the drain cover, manhole covers, road barrier,
three-dimensional parking lot, organs, schools, factories, enterprises and institutions, the stadium fence, garden villa,
also can be used as a residence outside the window, balcony guardrail, highway, rail barrier, etc

Galvanized Bar Grating Compound Panels with Slip Resisting Tread Plates

Popular Compound Bar Grating Products:

Plug-type Compound Bar Grating

Materials: Carbon certain size flat steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum

Technology: slot (hole), plug, welding, finishing.

Features: lightweight, high-strength, corrosion, maintenance-free, beautiful and many other advantages.

Composite I bar type Welded Corten Steel Grating

High strength, light structure: solid grid pressure welding structure has advantages of high load, light structure, easy installation, etc.
Fine appearance, durable in use: hot zinc dipping surface treatment makes it own fairly good corrosion resistance, bright and beautiful surface.
Good ventilation, lighting, thermal, anti-explosion, and anti-skid performance.
Prevent dirt deposition.



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